3 Fall Curb Appeal Tips to Quickly Sell Your Home

With the fall season being one of the most popular times to sell, making your home stand out amongst the competition is essential and having attractive curb appeal grabs potential homebuyer’s attention and interest. Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell. How do you make your home stand out from the moment it’s seen? Here are 3 fall curb appeal tips to quickly sell your home.

1.) Add an Adorable Door:  The front door makes a great focal point to any homes exterior and makes a good attention-grabbing tactic. A fresh coat of paint in an eye catching, tasteful color can make your entrance stand out. But if painting your door red isn’t an option (hello, angry homeowner association!) try adding a simple wreath of fall foliage and flowers to add a nice, inviting touch to your front entry.

2.) Beef Up Your Yard: Brown spots, weeds, and dry leaves do not a well maintained yard make. Be sure to upkeep your front lawn by removing clutter and weeds from gravel, pruning bushes and covering bare spots in grass with seeds and sod as needed. Once your yard is looking nice, add some attractive punches of color like planting colorful fall annuals.

3.) Let there be light! As the days get shorter, it gets darker faster and safe lighting and clear paths are vital for potential home buyers who are viewing your home in the evening. Make sure your exterior lighting is clean and has no burnt out bulbs. You can also add flood lights or motion sensor lights to light your entry and solar lighting or decorative lanterns to illuminate walkways. You can even add some decorative lights to enhance the inviting fall season look; just keep it simple and tasteful.

Which of these 3 fall curb appeal tips to sell your home quickly do you plan to use? If you are looking for more fall curb appeal tips or looking to sell your Phoenix home, please contact The Regal Team today for a free valuation of your home with absolutely no obligation.

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