4 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays 

While this time of year is usually busy with shopping, parties and celebrating, there are some good reasons to sell your home during the holiday season. In some parts of the country, the weather is an obvious reason that makes it difficult to buy or sell a home during the holidays, however here in Arizona the weather is near perfect all year long. Here are 4 reasons to sell your home during the holidays.

Buyers are Motivated: people who are focused on purchasing a home, instead of holiday parties are serious, motivated home buyers.  They need to make a move, and typically they want to secure a home before the beginning of the New Year.

Less Competition: while your neighbors are busy decorating their house with lights and hosting the big holiday party, they have put off selling their home until the New Year. This means there is less competition on the market that you need to worry about. And less available inventory for motivated home buyers means that the demand for a home could drive up your home’s value.  

Tax Benefits: many home buyers want to cash in on the tax benefits that come from buying a home that they can use come next tax season.

Your Home Looks Great: most homes look their best during the holiday season with the beautiful decorations, staging and lights. First impressions are everything when selling a home, and when your home looks its best, you attract the buyers who are willing to pay top dollar.

If you are considering selling your home during the holiday season, don’t go at it alone – hire a professional.  Give us a call today!

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