5 Designer Tips to Help You Sell Your Home 

Let’s face it everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating the inside of our homes. But professional interior designers know more about styles and trends that can help when it comes to selling your home. First impressions are everything, especially when showing your home to potential buyers. Here are 5 designer tips from the professionals on simple staging ideas that make a difference.

1. Furniture placement: in a large room, interior designers will avoid placing the sofa directly against the wall. You can create a completely different feel in a living room by moving the sofa away from the wall. Depending on the layout of the room, a floating sofa can create walls to separate rooms and create a clear walking path to direct the flow of traffic in your home.

2. Flowers go a long way: whether they are fresh cut or a beautiful silk arrangement, flowers can go a long way in creating a warm and welcoming vibe in your home, especially at the entryway or front door.

3. Throws and pillows: we all love a fluffy blanket to cuddle with during our favorite Friday night flick, but there is more to those blankets than just comfort. A few throws draped on your sofa is considered a cozy look to designers. And don’t be afraid to buy that extra decorative pillow! According to the professionals, you should have more than two pillows on your sofa for the extra touch.

4. What’s that smell? No one wants a smelly home, but be careful that you aren’t using too many candles or a fragrances that might be offensive to people with sensitive noses or allergies. Not only will it cause a physical discomfort, you might also lead a potential buyer to wonder what you are trying to cover up.  

5. Bathroom Etiquette: a clean bathroom is a must when showing your home, and so are the supplies you provide. Hand soap, and clean towels are important for two reasons: hygiene and elegance. Why not use beautiful soaps and hand towels to add to the functionality of your bathroom? It’s a little touch that will impress any buyer!

If you are considering a home move but not sure where to start with staging ideas, give me a call today. I am happy to meet with you to discuss your personal needs, and create marketing plan that will get you top dollar for your home! Melissa

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