A Holiday Greeting For You This Year 

Holiday Greetings, Written by Susie Bitner

I heard you say on Christmas Day,
“Joy! Peace to one and all!”
And ‘round the tree you danced with glee
Till from your hair did fall

A ribbon of the deepest red -
A Christmas red, we both averred -
And so we plucked I from the snow
And gave it to a passing bird.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you!” she replied;
“A garland for my nest,
To say today’s special day -
One different from the rest.”

Away she flew, the crimson trim
Rippling ‘round her feet,
And wove it so that all could see
Her décor from the street.

A very Merry Christmas to
All birds with snowy berth
Whose voices ring in caroling
Of peace to men on Earth!

From our families to yours, The Regal Team would like to wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday celebration. Happy Holidays!

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