Thinking of Selling Your Home This Spring? 

Are you thinking of selling your home this spring? Here are a few tips to help you create a smooth selling experience.

  1. De-clutter: de-cluttering helps prepare your home for the big move, plus there is truth in the say “less is more.” Go one room at a time, and divide belongings into categories: keep, yard sale, donate or trash.

  2. Start Packing: start packing now. Box up all your seasonal clothing to make your closets look roomier.  In addition, a buyer will appreciate a “neutral” vibe in your home by packing away your personal or sentimental valuable. 

  3. Repair and improve: Your home’s curb appeal is very important! Think about painting the front door and replacing the hardware. Do you have out dated or damaged light fixtures or appliances? Now would be the time to watch for sales on these items. Don’t forget to clean the windows and screens. A professional real estate agent can help you to determine which updates and/or repairs would make the most sense for your home. 

  4. Establish your time frame: do you need to be moved and settled before the next school year begins? Or maybe a new job in another state is requiring your relocation. Establishing a realistic time frame is key in creating a smooth transition from one home to the next.  

  5. Know the facts and trends of the market: every year we see trends and market changes and 2019 will be know different. And not all the news or hype on T.V. is accurate. Before you panic and call OfferPad, OpenDoor or request a Zillow instant offer, please reach out to a professional real estate agent to find out what your home is worth. Those convenient-buying services come with a steep price, which comes out of your hard-earned equity!

The spring weather is right around the corner, making it an excellent time to list and sell your home in the Valley of the Sun. Please give us a call today to help you successfully navigate the process, while netting you the best price and in the shortest amount of time.

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