Are you scaring off potential home buyers?

So, you’re finally ready to get your home on the market and sell your property. Your home’s been listed, photographed, and you feel like it should sell very quickly. But days, weeks, and months pass without even so much as an interested bid. What’s going on? Before you throw the for sale sign in the trash and resolve to live in your home forever, check to see if you are scaring off potential home buyers with these 3 faux pas.

1.) Clutter bugs: The key to attracting buyers is to keep it simple. Buyers want to visualize their stuff in their possible future home so the less of your stuff they see the better. Removing clutter opens up a room and makes it more spacious, something most everyone is looking for. So clear off those counter tops, file away that stack of untidy mail, and pack extra furniture, books, and space stealers away.

2.) Unpleasant odors: Potential buyers don’t want to walk into you home and be assaulted by the smells of pets, mold, stale cigarette smoke, or other unpleasant odors. So if you don’t want give potential buyers a reason to turn and run holding their noses, then make sure to change your air filters and rid your space of nasty odors. Not sure if your home can pass the smell test? Your real estate agent or an honest, trusted friend can help you make sure your home comes out smelling like a rose.

3.) Repair nightmares. Wear and tear of a home is normal, especially if you’ve lived there for a long time. But items that show your home is in desperate need of maintenance can scare potential buyers away. It’s in your best interest to make cost efficient repairs to your home so that buyers won’t be deterred by the possible cost of fixing things themselves. Keeping your home well-maintained and staying on top of repairs can mean the difference between a sale and a fail.

Remember to check your home to make sure you’re not scaring off potential home buyers with these 3 faux pas. If you’re ready to sell your Glendale home quickly without scaring off buyers, contact the Regal Team today!

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