Heat Exhaustion Is No Laughing Matter

We like to joke that we have a dry heat here in Arizona but in reality it’s no laughing matterHeat exhaustion can begin suddenly, usually after working or playing in the heat, perspiring heavily or being dehydrated and if left untreated can lead to heat stroke. Prevention is the best resource and that includes not going out in the heat of the day, wearing appropriate light, loose-fitting clothes and hats and drinking copious amounts of water. Even foods we eat can play a part in preventing heat exhaustion so keep them in mind when going out in the sun.  

If you suspect heat exhaustion here are some signs to look for:

* Faintness or dizziness

* Nausea or vomiting

* Heavy sweating often accompanied by cold, clammy skin

* Weak, rapid pulse

* Pale or flushed face

* Muscle cramps

* Headache

* Weakness or fatigue

So, what should we do if we are concerned? 

1) Use First Aid procedures and move the victim to a cooler environment immediately.

2) Remove the victim's clothing to encourage heat loss.

3) If the victim is conscious and able to follow commands, he or she can drink fluids to rehydrate.  Give the person electrolyte beverages, like Gatorade, or small sips of salt water.

4) Apply cool water to the person's body to lower the temperature.

5) Do not give any drugs, alcohol or caffeine to the person.

6) If the victim is unable to unconscious or is vomiting, call 911 immediately!

Pet Safety is Important Too!

Our furry friends are also subject to heat exhaustion or stroke. We all know about the dangers of leaving your pet in a hot car and even on an 85 degree day the inside temperature of a parked car will reach 102 degrees in less than 10 minutes and exceed 120 degrees in 30 minutes. Just don't bring them with you in summer.  

Keep these tips in mind, as well:

* Never let your dog ride in the back of your flatbed truck. The floor becomes sweltering and the metal is as hot as a stove burner. Dogs have nowhere to go and can burn their paws terribly.

* Walk your dog in the early morning and evening and don’t be afraid to dress them up in fashionable booties or sandals to protect their paws from burning pavement.

* If left outside your dog could use a baby pool filled with water to get relief from the burning rays. Just be sure to keep the water level low to prevent accidental drowning of your pet or other critters seeking relief.

* Pets with short, lighter colored hair are prone to sunburns!  A sunscreen safe for babies will work just fine on our best friends.

Being aware and taking heat-related precautions can truly make the difference between a summer of fun and one hiding inside waiting for cooler weather to return. We hope to see you out and about this summer, making memories and enjoying our beautiful Valley of the Sun. 

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer from The Regal Team!

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