Hiking in Arizona: the Perfect Time of Year 

Now that the fall temperatures are finally here, it is the perfect time of year to hike in Arizona. If you have been waiting for the cooler weather to hit the trails, here are 6 tips you need to consider before you head out.

1.) Know Your Route: no doubt there are some fantastic places to hike in Arizona, and some of them are just minutes from your front door. It is important to study a map and know where the trail head begins and ends, and approximately how long it will take you to get through it. Most state parks and designated trails will rate the level of difficulty and how long you can expect it to take. If you want to learn more about the trails in Arizona, here is a great link to visit: http://www.arizona-leisure.com/arizona-hiking.html.

2.) Use the Buddy System: being out in the open desert can be a relaxing and a much needed recharge for the soul, and we may not want to share it with someone else. However, safety is priority even on the easiest of hiking trails in Arizona. And having a trusted hiking buddy is a smart idea, in the event of an emergency.

3.) Let People Know: whether you decide to commit to hiking with a buddy or go at it alone, at the very least you should alert your family and friends of your hiking plans. Let them know what trail you intend to hike, when you are leaving and when they can expect to hear from you when the hike is done. These days’ cell phones can even share the GPS location. An ounce of prevention can go a long way in keeping you safe!

4.) Dress Appropriately: even though the temperatures are cooler, doesn’t mean that the sun is any less powerful. Sunblock, hats and light clothing are important hiking essentials in Arizona, year-round. The natural desert surroundings on the Arizona hiking trails are full of potential dangers, so be sure to wear appropriate hiking shoes to protect your feet and help you navigate the terrain. While you may want to escape your technology while you are on the trail, it is still a great idea to carry your cell phone with you, in the event you need to call for help.

5.) Leave NO Trace: in order to protect our beautiful Arizona desert, hikers are asked to leave no trace. This means whatever you pack in, you need to pack out including water bottles, trash and anything that Fido leaves behind. And never, ever leave the designated trail! The trails are there for you to enjoy and to keep you safe. Leaving the designate trail can put your life in serious danger, as well as cause harm to the surrounding desert. Respect the trail, and leave no evidence that you were ever there!

6.) Snakes, Critters and Desert Dwellers: the daytime weather is perfect for snakes, critters and other desert dwellers to enjoy as well as us hikers. Be sure to use caution when hiking, and stay vigilant and avoid walking in areas that you don’t have a clear view of what is in front of you.

This time of year is why we tolerate the triple digits, and we hope you will consider getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful Arizona hiking! See you on the trail – Melissa

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