The Regal Team Home Inspection Series 2- Hot Water Heater

The Regal Team is excited to present part two of our five-part series on residential home inspection. Hear from a licensed home inspector on the various things they are looking for when it comes to inspecting your home. In part two, Kris Houser with Insight Real Estate Inspection Service explains to our very own Robert Dierks what they are looking for as it relates to the water heater.

Water heaters run on electricity or a combustible fuel, and most of them are always switched on. There’s a lot that can go wrong under such high demand. The size and design of water piping running to and from the water heater is extremely important and can affect aspects like water pressure and water leaks. Discover the most important safety component of a water heater and how it can save an entire home.

We hope this interview between Kris Houser with Insight Real Estate Inspection Service and Robert Dierks with The Regal Team will enlighten you a little more on what you need to know about your water heater. If you’d like more information about home inspections, or if you’re ready to sell your Phoenix home or buy a home in Phoenix, please contact The Regal Team today!

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