Top 5 Back-to-School Hacks for the New School Year

Can you believe it’s nearly time to go back to school? The summer is winding down and school is right around the corner. Rather than sob about early rising times and school supply shopping, embrace the season with these top 5 back-to-school hacks for the new school year.

1.) Use savings apps: Coupon apps like RetailMeNot, Mr. Rebates, and Ebates apps list the deals that stores currently offer —all from the convenience of your phone. No matter where you’re shopping, you can search for deals through the apps and even get a percentage back on your purchases.

2.) Distance your alarm: If you or your kids have trouble waking up when the alarm goes off, add some distance between them and the snooze button. Keeping the alarm across the room forces you to get up to shut if off, making it harder to fall back asleep. Using your phone as your alarm? Download an app that requires you to enter a special code or swipe code in order to shut it off. If forces your brain to think and help keeps you from dozing off.

3.) Break in new shoes faster: It happens to everyone. Kids love the new shoes in the store but by the time they get home they barely fit anymore. Thankfully, there’s a hack for that. Have your child put on thick socks and then stuff their feet into the shoe. Then, use a hair dryer to blow hot air onto the shoe. The shoes will be broken-in in no time.

4.) Keep lunches fresher: Is your child brown bagging lunch? Keep lunches fresher by using a frozen wet sponge instead of icepacks. The sponge absorbs liquids which might soak the lunch contents thanks to condensation and it won’t leak while in the lunch box. No more soggy sandwiches!

5.) Set up a central staging area: The notoriously missing shoe, backpack, or textbook…it always happens. By choosing a clutter-free area of the house as a central housing hub for all things school-related, including lunches and more, you will save yourself precious time and frustration in the mornings.

Turn back to school into hack to school with these top 5 back to school hacks for the new school year. Here’s hoping your family has a great back-to-school season! And if you’re looking to buy a Phoenix home in a great school district, please contact The Regal Team today.

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