Which Home Improvements Should You Make? 

There is plenty of talk about the possible rise in interest rates since the election in November, and many homeowners may be considering cashing in their equity for remodeling costs – instead of opting to move up into a newer home. If interest rates do in fact go up, the choice to stay put and make improvements may seem to make more financial sense. But which home improvements should you make?

Future salability should be taken into consideration before you invest money in home renovations. Even if you plan to stay in the home for a long period of time, it is a wise idea to protect your property values by making home improvements that will increase your home’s value and future salability.  

The kitchen is often the most important room in the eyes of a potential buyer, however it can be the most expensive and time consuming renovation. As a general rule, kitchen improvement costs that range between 6-10 percent of the total value of the property should see the highest return on investment. Or in other words, putting your money into updating the kitchen is a good idea when it comes to maximizing your future selling possibilities.

Other home improvement projects that offer a good return on investment include replacing the front door, updating lighting, new flooring, and upgrading the bathrooms.

Which home improvements should you make? Let us help you decide! If you aren’t sure which home improvements you should make (or not make) please give us a call. We will walk your home with you and help you determine which improvements make the most sense for you, and your home values.

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