Summer Home Decor Trends For 2019 You Can’t Miss

As we’re slowly but surely approaching Summer, there’s plenty to get in order in your home decor while it’s not really settled yet. Summer asks for freshness and plenty of colorful places. In this article, you will find the best of Summer Home Decor Trends for 2019 you can’t miss.

According to the Institute of Color, this is the Summer Trends for this year. Here, Essential Home share everything with you.

 1. Pattern

“The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use.” — Erin Gates responsible for the Erin Gates Design.

2. Light Blue

Energizing a home can take a toll on you. Top summer home decor trends of 2019 ask for quick updates and easy fixes and this calls for color and easy home decor hacks. The first step is to go where the mind doesn’t go first and this detail is key lighting. This Summer asks for quiet tones of blue and slight twinges of neon hues. Making this a blast in home decor we have.  You can also fit your bedroom furniture with our Charlotte Armchair:

3. Mid-Century

Sleek lines, tapered table legs, and an understated simplicity are the key ingredients to mid-century design. It’s a trend with longevity that suits the minimalist fan. Layer your pendant lights to add interested and mix up the sizes. Limit the color palette to a few select colors and let the shapes do the talking.

Also, with this pattern, it is also common to use the Terracotta. The trick here is to use shades of brown and golden furniture, to decor your house with this Mid-Century trend.

4. Yellow

From a lighter color scheme to an energizing yellow, your summer home is asking you to a soothing and refreshing update. Revitalizing any room, color is one of the least expensive and effective ways to gather a happy place. A mood enhancing color, carry yellow into your home with a fresh coat of paint and you’ll see it is one of the best home decor choices of the year.

5. Wood

This type of furniture was first introduced in the 17th century, becoming favored by the French aristocracy and European upper classes for its individualistic decorative flair. As a result, it’s often associated with affluence and prosperity, promising to deliver that added touch of sophistication. Our Hepburn it’s a beautiful piece of wood that will put your house with this summer trend.

6. Velvet

A luxury, lounging staple, the velvet sofa is the hero of any living room. This summer will be the peak of this trend and with Essential Home collection, you can use in every corner of your house, for example, your living room with our Monroe Armchair.


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